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NextPhase Selling’s SalesMVP™ is a voice-enabled social selling mobile app. We’re initially targeting the conference market because that’s where companies waste a lot of money. The main inefficiencies lie in sales reps difficulty in capturing and managing leads pre, post, and at the conference.
Our Minimally Viable Product is just the start. We are aiming to be the sales person’s best friend and easiest way to do social selling without having to understand a lot of stuff. There are areas of the demo which will be in later iterations that will include:
  • Integration with CamCard, ExactTarget, Concur, and all the major social media sites
  • Ability for the sales person to create their own content queue or use one created by marketing
  • Integration with major CRMs
  • Advanced reporting/ROI
  • A SuperLookup that will do one-button research on a prospect company, including assigning ROI values to company personnel
 For even more details, see our Get Started page.
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