What is Sales Automation?

If you’re not familiar with the term sales automation, let’s start with a quick definition. Sales automation was supposed to involve a suite of integrated, customizable software sales tools salespeople can use to automate and streamline the sales cycle.

In reality, the most-used sales automation tools are Customer Relationship Management software and so-called “sales enablement” tools that basically only enable you to send out collateral to prospects.

Even if you have these tools at your company, they leave a lot to be desired. Raise your hand if you love your CRM . . . Anybody?

NextPhase Selling’s upcoming SalesMVP™ social selling mobile app will enable you to streamline and automate your sales prospecting.

No more pecking at the soft keyboard on your phone to enter a prospect’s information. Touch the microphone icon and speak the details.

Take a picture of their business card and slam that data into the prospect’s record.

Look them up on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social sites and funnel that data into the record.

Set yourself a reminder to follow up or quickly set a schedule of drip marketing articles you can send to the prospect to build your brand and stay top of mind.

Turn recording contacts into your old-style CRM software from a chore to tapping a single Sync button.

Tap the Boss Report button to create and email a conference report to your boss.

THAT’S sales automation.

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