One App to Rule Them All

Have you ever gone to a conference and come home with dozens of business cards or napkins with contact info scrawled on them? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to easily capture contact information and manage your meetings while at a conference?

And how about followup? Raise your hand if you love entering contact and meeting details into your CRM when you get back to the office and then setting up reminders for followups.


NextPhase Selling’s Social Selling mobile app can make your life easier before, during, and after a conference by enabling you to capture information on your phone via text or voice, scheduling pre-conference reminders to prospects, and helping you follow up with prospects automatically.

Here’s the feature set  of our first version, available soon:

Conference and Meeting Management

Enables a sales rep to manage meetings, contacts, and messaging (at a conference or elsewhere), and build relationships. All data input fields are voice-enabled for easy use.


  • Send meeting notifications to colleagues
  • Send meeting requests to prospects


  • New and existing
  • Integrate information on new contacts via direct entry into record by keyboard or voice
  • Send connection requests via app
  • All records are stamped with date, time, location, and conference name
  • Can share contact with colleagues
    • Via app
    • Via email

Direct messaging

  • Can contact via
  • Email
  • Text
  • App to app

General Conference Management

User can input conference information that populates contact and meeting records

  • Date/time
  • Location
  • Conference name

That’s just for starters. Later versions of the app will integrate social media lookups as well as our proprietary Super Lookup that scours the Internet for information on your prospects. Also to come is email and social media automation so you can stay in touch with your prospects after the conference.